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Adi NesUntitled, 2008 chromogenic print
I had a wonderful time seeing Israeli artist Adi Nes’ exhibit The Village up at Jack Shainman Gallery two days ago. Posed photography just interests me more these days than anything from life. Nes’ images are psychologically staged narrative portraits of a small village that seems to be occupied by two very different generations of people, young strong modern youth and an older more traditional generation they mingle with. Many are highly staged and strange, having a kind of parable-quality to them. (Or perhaps even a  fable, many include animals including bats, chickens, and horses, though most admittedly appear dead). The thing that struck me the most was the very modern young men constantly seeming misplaced or out of context in the rugged frontiersman-like world they find themselves in. There is certainly interesting questions brought up by the forced, awkward, dominant, or curious relationship with the landscape the characters milling through his photographic stories seem to have. Definitely worth a visit- the photographs are beautifully printed and absolutely gigantic, no digital image would ever do them justice.
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